What's happening?

  • The Governors of Edgeborough School are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Daniel Thornburn who will become Headmaster of the School when Mr Davies retires in September 2017. Please click here for more information.

  • For all current job vacancies and application forms, head over to our Employment page for any further information and documents you may need.

  • Our in-house Music Competition bought out the best in our pupils last week as they wowed judges with some brilliant performances across three categories. Full story here!

  • A massive thank you goes to former Scotland international Thom Evans, who as part of our 'robbiesrugby' fundraising event came to the school and gave a number of our pupils a rugby workshop. For the full story including the fantastic amount of money raised head over to our news tab!

  • Congratulations to Toby Roberts who is once again the official British Climbing Champion, this time in Youth Boys Category C. Also joining Toby on the podium in Edinburgh was Harry Chilcott who came in third in the Boys Category E competition. Great work boys! Click here for the full story.



Summer Term 2017

Mon 24th April

Term Begins

Fri 26th May - Mon 5th June

Half Term

Thurs 6th July Term Ends

    'Not all schools are the same!

    As Headmaster at Edgeborough, it’s interesting to recognise that there will nearly always be a good choice of schools available that propound consistent teaching with their pupils obtaining pleasing results.   However, Edgeborough offers pupils (and parents) so much more. 

    An Edgeborough education is without doubt an outstanding opportunity for any child in the formative years of their learning. 

    We are able to provide pupils with close attention and bespoke teaching through our small classes as well as dedicated sports, arts, music and science teachers and facilities.  As an independent school, we are empowered to have an uncompromising breadth in curriculum and an enormous range of extra –curricular activities.  

    The difference at Edgeborough is that we are aiming far beyond a standard, prescribed education and this ethos guides every aspect of the school day resulting in our pupils’ exceptional levels of achievement.

    I would be very pleased to welcome you to the school and to show you how an education here is delightfully different.'

    Chris Davies