What Our Pupils Say

“I love coming to school every day. It’s my friends and the teachers that make all the difference.”

Year 5 Pupil


“I’m very proud that I come to Edgeborough school, my friends at other schools can’t believe the great sports facilities that we have.”

Year 6 Pupil


“It’s the best school and I love it, it feels like a home away from home.”

Year 7 Pupil


“I like the meals, especially breakfast.”

Year 8 Pupil

What Our Teachers Say

“It’s fantastic working here. The pupils are the best behaved and most considerate that I have ever come across. As well as that, the support that I get from the Senior Leadership Team at the school has really helped me to develop as a teacher.

We are so lucky to work in such a beautiful environment, it makes going to work a lot more interesting.

The equipment that I have to teach with is extremely good. We were the first school in the area to introduce Macs and it really shows in our pupils development.

I can’t imagine a more caring place for the young children to learn about school life.”

What Our Parents Say

“My husband and I are extremely pleased with Edgeborough and couldn’t imagine our children being anywhere else. We have confidence in the school and teachers and our children have reached their full potential in all personal development areas. We are certain that our eldest child will be ready for his senior school of choice when he leaves this year.

Edgeborough has a strong community and this is evident in the passion and enthusiasm with which events are organised and supported. It is wonderful to see new parents in particular made so welcome.

The standards and commitment of the teaching and support staff is outstanding, as a parent I feel that they know and understand my children well and support them accordingly.

The Headmaster and staff have created a strong sense of community for both children and parents, it is a pleasure to watch our children become fully engaged with the school, enjoy their learning and flourish.”