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Edgeborough is a co-educational independent school in Farnham, Surrey – welcoming boys & girls aged 2 – 13 years old.

Head’s Welcome

“It is a great pleasure to introduce Edgeborough — one of the best Private Schools in Surrey. I very much hope that our website will give you an insight into what makes our school so special.”

Amongst leading private schools in Surrey, we are incredibly fortunate to enjoy a spacious site located within the Surrey Hills, offering opportunities for adventure at every turn. Whether it be in the classroom, in our grounds, on the sports pitches or on the stage, the children at Edgeborough are encouraged to pursue a wonderfully wide and diverse range of interests and experiences.

Our determination to protect childhood happily coexists with our ambition for the children to learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally. Edgeborough is a community which inspires its pupils, promoting a sense of self-discovery; encouraging them to express their individual beliefs and values, whilst at the same time, building strong relationships with all those they encounter.

The heart of our Independent school is built on kindness and respect towards others, ourselves and the world around us. We endeavour to be forward-thinking and progressive, enabling our children to recognise the importance of giving back to others.

Our strong relationship with Charterhouse provides broader opportunities for our children, alongside access to further enriching academic provision and leading resources. Charterhouse is an onward journey for many of our pupils, but it is just one pathway; we have a strong record of preparing our children for many other leading Senior Schools.

To truly sense what makes our school so special, I very much encourage arrange a visit, or attend one of our Open Days to meet our staff and pupils and to see Edgeborough for yourself, and why I believe it is amongst the best private schools in the area.

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A Private School in Surrey

“Inclusive, ambitious, just the right balance of traditional and modern – and a huge amount of fun.”

The Good Schools Guide, 2019

Visit Edgeborough at our Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events are a great opportunity to meet our teachers, discover our unique school approach, and envision how Edgeborough can supplement your child’s growth. We hope you will find our events inspiring and informative; don’t miss out on this special opportunity by signing up today.

Our next Open Morning is on Friday 14th June 2024.

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Be amazed, be collaborative, be determined, be energetic, be imaginative, be logical, be playful… 


Welcome to Edgeborough, a day and boarding school located in the heart of Surrey. As a leader in independent schools in Surrey, we have a thriving culture that encourages imagination, determination and a collaborative spirit, and are proud to offer a well-rounded education for our pupils. As we prepare for the 2023/2024 academic year, we invite you to explore the possibilities of joining the Edgeborough community. Our campus provides a dynamic and engaging environment where your child can learn, grow and discover their passions. 

We welcome individuals looking for independent schools within the Surrey area and also further afield – Hampshire, London & even Guildford. We offer a wide range of opportunities for boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 13, with both day and boarding options available. Our goal is to help each and every pupil flourish to their fullest potential, whether they are naturally inclined towards imaginative play or logical problem-solving. We encourage our pupils to embrace collaboration, determination, and energy as they navigate their academic and personal journeys. With a supportive and engaging environment, there is no limit to what our pupils can achieve. Join us in Surrey and be amazed by what you can accomplish.

Come and discover what makes Edgeborough unique as a private school in Farnham, Surrey.

Prep School

As an Independent school in Surrey, we believe that happy children are successful children. The talents and interests of each child are identified, nurtured and developed as they progress through the Prep School and there are regular opportunities to celebrate both effort and success.

Pre-Prep School

In the Edgeborough Pre Prep, children thrive as they experience an exciting and stimulating education in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Nursery & Pre-School

Our Nursery children enjoy a varied day with many different opportunities. The morning starts with a short assembly or circle time followed by a period of more formal learning, covering the seven areas of the Foundation Stage.


As an independent school in Farnham (Surrey),  extra-Curricular activities are a huge part of school life at Edgeborough, enabling children to broaden their skills and abilities while taking on new challenges.

Boarding at Edgeborough

The Boarding House at Edgeborough is a warm and caring environment, full of fun and laughter. With flexible boarding options available – from week/full boarding to flexi-boarding and emergency boarding.


Independent Schools in Surrey - Day & Boarding School, Farnham

Edgeborough School is one of the leading independent schools Surrey, providing an innovative approach to learning that prioritises student engagement and curiosity. The school's bespoke curriculum is designed to empower learners, with teachers acting as facilitators rather than imposing a rigid structure. This means that students are encouraged to explore the areas of study that intrigue them, formulate their own questions, and find their own answers. This approach is ideally suited to the independent schools in Surrey, which are renowned for combining academic excellence with a personal touch. Whether you're a parent seeking the best education for your child or a student looking for a dynamic and supportive learning environment, Edgeborough School is the perfect choice.

Located in the beautiful southern county of Surrey, Edgeborough School is a private and independent school that offers a unique educational experience for children between the ages of 2 and 13. As both a day and boarding school, Edgeborough provides a level of flexibility in stays that is unmatched by other private schools in the Surrey & Farnham area. With its idyllic countryside setting spanning across 50 acres, amongst other Farnham schools, our school provides the perfect environment for children to grow and excel in all areas of their education. With our competitive fees, we are proud to offer a high-quality education that is accessible to a wide range of families seeking a top-tier independent school experience.

At Edgeborough School, our objective is to cultivate an enquiry-driven, student-centred atmosphere that nurtures learners' innate curiosity and empowers them to actively pursue knowledge. Here, teachers assume the role of facilitators, guiding and supporting students while respecting their autonomy. Rather than strictly adhering to a predetermined curriculum, students are encouraged to explore topics that spark their interest and develop their own lines of enquiry.

Through participation in enquiry-based learning, Edgeborough students develop metacognitive awareness, enabling them to reflect on and regulate their learning process. This promotes a more self-directed and independent approach to education, providing students with the skills to adapt and thrive in various contexts. This approach yields a broad range of skills and outcomes beyond conventional assessments, while still effectively preparing Edgeborough students to transition to some of the nation's top senior schools upon completing Year 8.