Results overview

We are extremely proud of our pupils achievements. These may be academic, artistic, musical sporting or development milestones. Our small class sizes mean that each pupil is known throughout the school and so success can be shared and built on. We have a true mix of skills and children are valued for their own accomplishments.

In the past our pupils achievements include becoming Nobel Prize winners, George Cross recipients, National sports players and taking lead roles in the theatre. Each year our students are offered scholarships to their chosen Senior Schools. This reflects both the pupils’ enthusiasm for learning and the expertise of our teachers.


Each term all of our pupils are assessed and their development milestones logged. In Nursery, the children receive a ‘2 year old check’ and a summary report on progress every December and July. We also have formal consultations with parents every term.

Pre-Prep reports are sent to parents at the end of the Christmas and Summer terms. These cover development and achievements in all subject areas. We also have parents evenings each term.

The Prep school pupils are also assessed each term with reports at the end of the Christmas term and Summer term. Year 8 pupils receive a report at the end of the Easter term.

Any concerns that teachers have are always raised at the time with parents so that a plan for change can be implemented as quickly as possible. Parents are also encouraged to speak to teachers about any issues that they have.