Edgeborough Charity Support





Each academic year, we support at least one charity. This can be a local charity, a national charity and then in the yearly rotation – an international charity.

2021-2022 Through incredibly generous donations raised throughout the academic year, we raised enough money to name our own Guide Dog puppy, Edgar, who is doing very well with his training. As you can see below, he has managed to capture the hearts of all the children and staff! 2022-23 was a year to support a charity close to the heart of the Edgeborough Community, Myname5doddie. Following the heartbreaking MND (Motor Neurone Disease) diagnosis of an Edgeborough parent, the school rallied around, undertaking numerous fundraising initiatives to support the on-going research into causes and cure for this life-limiting disease. 2023-24 sees us supporting local charity Change of Scene, who provide alternative educational opportunities to children through animal-assisted outdoor learning. We are also excited to support renowned international charity WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), who tirelessly work in wilderness and animal preservation and tackling climate change. Through numerous pupil-led or parent social events, Edgeborough is committed to fundraising and raising awareness,  to ensure that we are connecting with, and supporting, as much of our wider local and international community as possible.

We invite local charities (other than chosen nominated ones we are supporting) to come and present to the school community once a term. This is to raise awareness amongst children, staff and the parent body by spotlighting the incredible, unpaid, philanthropic work that is on our doorstep. If you would like enquire about presenting, please contact our Charities lead, Mrs. Sarah Khan at: skhan@edgeborough.co.uk