Edgeborough has an impressive record of scholarships to prestigious senior schools, recognising excellence in academic ability, Sport, Music, Arts and all-round talent. Indeed, over the last nine years the pupils have amassed over 100 scholarship awards.

Senior School Destinations

We offer a carefully balanced, all-round education which aims to develop skills, interests and an aspiration within our pupils to do anything and everything to the best of their ability.  Pupils are very well prepared for the exciting challenges they will face at one of the many excellent day and boarding senior schools available both locally and nationally.

We have very good relations with the senior schools that our pupils attend and we are on hand to give advice on the best fit for your child. Please make an appointment with the Headmaster, Mr Dan Thornburn, to discuss this further.

Over the past two years our Year 8 pupils have moved on to the following schools:

Alton School 1
Bedales 1 (1 Award)
Canford 1
Charterhouse 4 (1 Award)
Churcher’s 2 (1 Award)
Cranleigh 8 (3 Awards)
Kind Edward’s School, Witley 3 (3 Awards)
Lord Wandsworth College 8 (3 Award)
Marlborough 2
Monkton Combe 1 (1 Award)
Radley 1
RGS Guildford 2 ( 1 Award)
Seaford 1 (1 Award)
Sherborne 1
St. Swithun’s 1
Wellington 4 (1 Award)
Winchester 2