Small change. Big difference.

Edgeborough embraces #antibullyingweek, 11-15 November 2019.

Whether it is verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child’s life well into adulthood.  By making small, simple changes, we can break this cycle and create a safe environment for everyone.  Because together, we can challenge bullying. Change starts with a conversation.  It starts with checking in. It starts with working together.

In boarding this week, the children have been carrying out a community project and writing positive affirmations onto rocks, then hiding them around Farnham for people to find and feel boosted by the message.

As well as this, we have been encouraging the children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality, understanding it is OK to be different, #unique.  So we end the week with #oddsocksday – and it’s not just the children who took part!