Edgeborough Eco Plan Enforced

We have recently launched a new eco initiative in an effort to do our bit in reducing the school’s impact on the environment.

For pupils and parents it is an issue close to home, given our location in 50 acres of the greenest Surrey countryside. Faced with images in the news and online of regularly used plastics and products having such an impact on the environment, children started to think of ways they could help.

To kick-start efforts, the Edgeborough Eco Committee was formed in February this year and after months of hard work the school’s Eco Code has now been rolled out. Some of the changes around the school that will be seen immediately include the introduction of compostable, single use coffee cups and paper plates to replace the polystyrene equivalents. Elsewhere, all packed lunches prepared by the school for trips and event will now be prepared in fully compostable paper bags.

As with most schools and work spaces, tea and coffee is never far away and to reduce the impact of non-recyclable coffee cups, pupils have worked on designing and producing re-usable bamboo coffee cups complete with Edgeborough branding. These can be purchased by staff and parents for a small fee, all of which will be put back into the committee to drive future initiatives.

All of this work is hopefully going lead to a huge reduction in the school’s output of single-use plastics, and looking beyond that, the Eco Code has also focused on the schools energy source. Announced upon its release, we were was proud to announce that 100% of our electricity is now from renewable sources, made official by Orsted. The school’s supply period will run until March 2021.

Jennifer Thomas, Head of Geography and teacher behind the Committee, said: “the Edgeborough Eco Code is just the start for the school and the committee, with each and every person in the staff and pupil body committed to making a major difference.”