The Edgeborough Christmas Pledge

The whole Edgeborough community donate 530 of their favourite books to the Princess May Primary School, Hackney.

The children of 4K learnt this week that, in England, nearly 400,000 children don’t own a single book at home. In the true Christmas spirit of giving, the children decided that they would like to do something about it! 

Connecting with the National Literacy Trust, they agreed to choose a book from home that they personally own, that they absolutely loved reading and to donate it to children at an inner London School: Princess May Primary School, Hackney.  The books have been tied with a ribbon and each child has written an anonymous note, explaining why the book was really special to them.  This initiative has been overwhelmingly supported by the whole Edgeborough community and the books have been flooding in. The school has now received 530 much loved books, suitable for children from nursery up to the age of 12, for the 360 children
currently at Princess May.  


Princess May Primary school, Hackney was one of Mrs Khan’s (4K’s) teacher training placement schools. The current Headteacher, Kevin Reynolds, is hugely excited about the proposal, especially during a time when his school is trying desperately to raise the profile of reading, armed with extremely limited resources.

With the help of the National Literacy Trust (NLT), the Edgeborough children are very keen to spread the news about their plans and hopefully inspire others to take action and get involved. To find out more about this, please see the NLT website page below:

One child from 4K commented ‘I like thinking that people who don’t have books will get one of mine that I’ve really enjoyed.’

Comments from the Edgeborough parents in response to this have been fantastic and include:

 ‘I think this is such a lovely thing to do and think we should do it every Christmas! My girls have really enjoyed choosing a special book of theirs to give. Thank you.

This is such a great idea. We have all enjoyed looking out some of our favourite books and labelling them. Thank you for organising this for us to be able to do.’