It is a pleasure to share our Edgeborough Vision Brochure with you.  Edgeborough is already an excellent school with so much to celebrate and enjoy.  Education is, however, dynamic and we must always seek to review, progress and improve what we offer to our pupils.

Over recent months, much thought has been given to our key educational priorities, as we seek to enhance every aspect of our provision.  High quality academics, committed pastoral care and excellent co-curricular opportunities form the cornerstones of that ambition.  When a pupil moves on from Edgeborough, they will do so with a legacy of experience, knowledge, curiosity and the confidence to successfully navigate their onward journey.

It is important that we remain focused on the fact that great schools are grown by what is achieved in and outside the classroom; the quality of teaching, breadth of opportunity and strength of community. Pupils learn best when they can actively interact with their learning, developing skills which can transfer across subject areas and when the enormous benefits of learning beyond the immediate classroom setting are realised.  Our commitment to deliver this vision is unwavering and there is a great sense of excitement as we set our compass to make further progress.

For such depth of ambition there is also a need to ensure that we have the appropriate infrastructure to support our educational vision.  Consequently, we have commissioned a detailed analysis of current facilities against future requirements.

Although new buildings will be introduced where appropriate, the aim is to redevelop existing spaces where possible and to minimise new construction.  This approach significantly reduces disruption on the site and allows for projects to remain cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.

Having an infrastructure plan to support our educational vision ensures that we avoid piecemeal developments over the coming years, which could otherwise result in a poorly considered future site.  It also allows us to prioritise key developments based on cost, condition and need.  With the repurposing of some existing spaces certain projects will need to be prioritised to allow space for subsequent developments to take place.

The rate that proposed projects are delivered depends on the future performance of the School, the wider economic climate and the required planning consents.  Our highly experienced Leadership Team and Governing Board will work with ambition balanced with measure. Excitingly, this summer has already seen the full refurbishment of five Senior Block classrooms, spaces designed specifically for modern teaching and learning. Plans are also already in progress for the next phase of works.

This is a tremendously exciting time to be part of the Edgeborough community as we work with our Charterhouse partners to take our ambitious plans forward.  There will be plenty of opportunity to talk things through further over the months ahead.  However, if you would like to communicate with the School on our Vision Brochure, please do so via