Headmaster Surrey School

The problem with ‘Headmaster’s Welcome’ messages is that they are full of clichés and all seem to say the same thing! Aside from the name of the school at the top of them, everything else written is almost always virtually identical.  You won’t need me to tell you this – I’m sure you will have seen it for yourself already.

So I could tell you about the outstanding academic, sporting and extra-curricular opportunities at Edgeborough. I could highlight the fantastic facilities and the incredible setting of our beautiful school. I could boast of the vast quantity of scholarships attained by our pupils to the country’s top senior schools. I could shower you with all the examples of rhetoric that you will read elsewhere!

Yet in truth, while all undeniably impressive qualities, I don’t believe that any of those things will be the decisive factor in your choosing Edgeborough as the school for your children.  Instead, spend some time here and discover what I think will convince you.  Come and see the pupils at work and at play, really enjoying their time here. Speak to them of their successes (and their failures!) and the lessons these have taught them. Hear about the way children are cared for and nurtured.  For the essence of Edgeborough is our pupils, our staff and our parents; a thriving, exciting, diverse and caring community. And it is the community at Edgeborough that sets us apart from other schools.

This is a place where children learn how to treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated, where they learn to give their best in spite of the difficulties they may encounter, where they learn to grow into well-mannered and balanced young men and women, where they learn to both work and play with a smile on their face.

Edgeborough is inclusive in the way that we cater for and accommodate children with diverse interests, abilities and talents, while also being exclusive in our provision for those who really want to excel either academically, on the sports pitches, in Music, Drama, Art, DT, Computing or frankly wherever their strengths may lie!

Above all else, I strive for every one of our pupils to be happy here.  Happy children, who want to come to school, will eventually find something to latch on to and throw their energies into.  Happy children thrive and succeed; and Edgeborough is full of success stories.  Edgeborough is not a cliché, instead it sets the standard for others to follow – come and see how!

Mr Dan Thornburn


Meet the Head, Dan Thornburn