The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) have recently conducted a scheduled intermediate inspection focusing on compliance with the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools (NMS).

Following this, they have advised that Edgeborough meets all the National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools 2015.

Although the wording ‘minimum standards’ sounds humble, in fact, the school is rigorously checked for two and a half days in terms of our children’s welfare, safety and pastoral care as well as our secure staff recruitment procedures. It is no mean feat or ‘done deal’ that schools pass and thus it reflects our whole school understanding and commitment to the highest level of child welfare. Please read the report here to find out more.

Our last full inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate was in 2012. A full copy of the report can be found by clicking here.

Some highlights include:

  • ‘The school amply fulfills its aim to provide an excellent all-round education in a friendly and stimulating environment.’
  • ‘Pupils become quietly confident, articulate, courteous and considerate young people. They are extremely well prepared for their Senior schools.’
  • ‘The Christian faith underlies the high quality of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils. Outstanding pastoral care fulfills the aim that pupils should feel happy, secure, safe and valued.’
  • ‘The school amply fulfills its aim to provide excellence in education from the EYFS onwards.’