We have a full time Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) who oversees the provision of additional learning support throughout the school, including those children who may have a special educational need or disability.

LEarning Acceleration Programme (LEAP) – “All teachers are teachers of Special Educational Needs”

We work closely with children, parents and staff, helping to identify any individual needs. In many cases this will simply be to provide enhancement in some areas of their learning, while for others this may include support for specific learning difficulties. This is generally provided in one-to-one sessions with a specialist teacher in the LEAP Zone.

The LEAP Zone consists of three teaching rooms with a well-equipped resources area. We aim to make the support multi-sensory, fun and specific to the needs of the individual child. We are delighted to be able to offer this for a variety of short term or long term learning needs from Pre Prep to Year 8.

Pupils work towards specific targets which are shared with their teachers through the personal Pupil Profile. This highlights their strengths and gives suggestions for support within the curriculum. The LEAP Zone has a teaching ethos based on this personalised individual provision and we are very proud of the support that we provide to the Edgeborough Community.