At Edgeborough Pre-Prep School in Surrey, children thrive as they experience an exciting and stimulating education.

In Edgeborough’s Pre-Prep, children thrive in an environment of security, respect and kindness. Our small classes ensure that each pupil is met as an individual and that learning opportunities can be personal, targeted and built on pupil interest.

Our pupils enjoy a wide range of subjects allowing them to embark on an exciting learning journey right from their very first day in Reception. We place a strong emphasis on the development of Literacy and Numeracy. Through the engaging AnimaPhonics scheme, supported by a regular programme of individual and guided reading sessions, we consistently achieve high standards in reading. More broadly, classrooms explore and give weight to Literacy in its widest sense, and are active and busy centres of purposeful writing, story crafting, debate, explanation and fantasy.  With Mathematics, our practical approach also sets secure foundations at an early age, with concepts mastered through doing and understood by means of practical application.

Beyond this, we pride ourselves on the bespoke enquiry-led and cross-curricula model we adopt to the wider curriculum, with the children’s interests and ideas placed at the heart of all planning and lessons, thus encouraging ownership, connection and purpose. 

Specialist teachers then enhance the pupils’ learning experiences yet further through sessions in French, PE, Games, OWL (Outdoor Woodland Learning) and Music.

We encourage our pupils to open their minds and explore; we equip them to achieve and succeed.

Discover Edgeborough at our Open Mornings … 

On our open mornings, see what we have to offer your child with our picturesque campus set in the heart of Farnham. Guided tours will show you why this special environment will give them the best place to learn. Get up close and personal and experience first hand how our pupils blend in so easily to the day-to-day life of our independent prep school. Lastly, staff members will be on hand for you to discuss how we can help your child reach their educational aspirations. Join us for this amazing opportunity.

Our next Open Morning is on…

Friday 27th September 2024, 9.30am – 11.30am

If you have any other queries please contact our Head of Admissions, Debbie Tully or call us on 01252 792495.
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Pre-Prep School in Surrey – Edgeborough School

Edgeborough, a pre-prep school in Surrey, is at the forefront of modern educational practices. Our school recognises that rote memorisation is not enough to prepare students for a competitive and ever-changing world. Instead, there is a focus on developing problem solving, creativity, and critical analysis skills. This approach is in line with current trends in education that emphasise a broader range of competencies beyond exam performance. Edgeborough is committed to laying the foundation for tomorrow’s independent thinkers, providing students with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of higher education and the professional world with confidence. Their approach is a proactive step towards ensuring that the next generation of leaders are ready to tackle the challenges of the future.