Pupils in the Prep Department develop increasing confidence and independence. They are encouraged and supported to take full advantage of the wide range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities on offer.

The Prep School, for children in Years 3 to 8, builds upon the foundations laid in the Pre Prep. Preparation for Common Entrance begins in Year 3 when a wider range of subjects is introduced. Children gradually move from class teaching to subject specialist teaching and ensures sound preparation for a number of the country’s leading senior schools. Latin is introduced from Year 6 onwards and appropriate provision is available for pupils with additional needs. The extensive range of extra-curricular activities on offer ensures that every child is able to pursue their interests and develop their talents, both in and out of the classroom. The class teacher maintains close contact throughout and closely monitors all aspects of pupil progress and wellbeing.

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We incorporate all of the vital requirements for young people to be successful in today's world.

A typical day for prep students

7.50amBreakfast Club – Optional
8.40amLessons begin
Years 3-4
4.30pmSupervised homework*
5.00pmAfter school club*
Years 5-8
5.00pmSupervised homework*
6.30pmActivities* (Activities taught by external coaches/tutors may incur an extra fee.)
7. 30pmBoarding
(* These items are free of charge)

Music Scholarship School

We start preparation for Common Entrance exams from Year 3, when we teach all subjects required for entry to Senior School.

Our younger pupils enjoy a mixture of specialist teaching and pastoral input from their class teacher.  Older pupils maintain a close contact with their class teacher, but are taught increasingly by subject specialists, including Latin which is introduced in Year 6.  We have a Head of Girls in the Prep School to look after the changing needs of pupils, along with provision for those requiring either learning support or extension work.

Years 3 – 5

The overall curriculum is designed to ensure pupils acquire, and become comfortable with, the skills needed for success at Common Entrance and beyond.  A good example of this is the learning of French, which starts at the age of 2. In addition to the core lessons of English, Maths and Science, pupils also study History, Geography and Religious Studies. In the later Prep years, there is also the opportunity to go on multiple exchanges with a pupil or pupils from our marvellous exchange partner, the Ombrosa Language School in Lyon. Through these measures, we hope to ensure that all children, whatever their levels of knowledge and understanding, will develop the confidence to speak converse.

Timetabled subjects:

English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies, PSE , Sports (including swimming and PE,) Creative and Performing Arts, Design Technology, Art and Music. French and ICT are taught on an extended timetable.

Years 6-8

In Years 6 – 8 the pupils are prepared for the Common Entrance examinations in English, Mathematics, Physics, Sciences, French, Latin, History, Geography and Religious Studies. This is supplemented by Personal Social and Health education, sports, (including major sports, swimming and PE), Drama, Design Technology, Art and Music.

Pupils not taking Latin will follow a timetabled non-Latin course consisting of additional work in the core subjects of English and Mathematics.

We are currently exploring the options of introducing the exciting Prep School Baccalaureate to our curriculum.

Timetabled subjects:

English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Biology, History, Geography, Religious Studies, PSE , Sports (including swimming and PE) Design Technology, Art and Music. French and ICT are taught on an extended timetable.

Farnham School Clubs

Edgeborough has a wide and varied programme of activities throughout the year including seasonal, cultural, sporting and creative clubs.

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At most Senior Schools that our pupils move on to, boarding is part of everyday life. Edgeborough prepares pupils to thrive in a School community where they can live away from home.

We offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Some pupils don’t board at all and some board for the full four days available. We also offer flexi-boarding where pupils can board for a few days each week and hotel boarding allowing children to stay at school, as a treat, for just a few days a term.

You can find out more about the complete Edgeborough boarding experience here!

Surrey Sports School

We hold a number of exciting events during the year. These include superb musical concerts and a variety of charity fundraising and sports events. Parents are also invited into School to enjoy our class assemblies, Harvest and Easter services.

The Edgeborough Parents Association (EPA) also organises a number of charity events. A class rep coordinates these and they provide a worthwhile opportunity for parents to get to know each other.

Our popular Dining In days are held throughout the term so that parents and guardians have an opportunity to share a meal at lunchtime with their children and sample the wonderful Edgeborough food.