Tapestry Online Learning Journals

Edgeborough’s Nursery and Pre-Prep Department are excited to be using an online learning journal called Tapestry as a platform to share with you your child’s achievements, progress and success.

Through Tapestry, both practitioners and carers can capture, celebrate and share those moments and milestones of a child’s learning and development. This is done by us and you uploading photographs and providing brief descriptions and comments to describe the action and achievement pictured. Through sharing visual memories of the school day, not only will you get a better understanding of your child’s day and progress but you will be able to sit with them at home and reflect on their week at school as you view Tapestry together.  Likewise, when experiences from home are uploaded to the platform, this input will help us at Edgeborough gain a more holistic knowledge of the individual child and their interests, which we can then use to guide our planning and instruction. 

What you can expect:

  • During the school day, it is important and necessary that our energies are directed towards the learning and well-being of each child. Tapestry will only capture a snapshot of your child’s journey through Edgeborough’ Nursery and Pre-Prep.
  • Observations on Tapestry will be irregular in frequency and dependent on what we are doing that week and how many sessions your child attends. 
  • You may find you will get a bit of a gap in terms of observations uploaded and then lots of moments all shared at a similar time. 
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What you must do:

  • The consent form below will need to be filled out to show that you are happy for an account to be made for your child.
  • Once you have sent your consent form back along with the e-mail address you would like on the account, we can link your child to you on Tapestry and you will receive an activation link from Tapestry directly. This will enable you to create your own password and PIN.
  • It is most effective for parents to access Tapestry using the downloadable apps for smart phone and tablets. Go on the Google Play store, the Apple App store or iTunes to download the free app. It is also possible to access it using the internet. To log in to Tapestry using the internet, click here.
  • The links below give you further information on Tapestry and how to get started. You can also take a look at Tapestry’s own website here.