Note: Half Terms start at 1500 and end at 0830 on the days given unless otherwise stated on the Calendar.

Term Dates 2020/21

Christmas Term 2020
Thursday3 SeptemberTerm begins
Half Term16 October  – 2 November
Friday11 DecemberTerm ends
Easter Term 2021
Wednesday6 JanuaryTerm begins
Half Term12 February  –  22 February
Friday26 MarchTerm ends
Summer Term 2021
Tuesday20 AprilTerm begins
Half Term28 May  –  7 June
Wednesday7 JulyTerm ends

Term Dates 2021/22

Christmas Term 2021
Thursday2 SeptemberTerm begins
Half Term15 October  – 1 November
Wednesday15 DecemberTerm ends
Easter Term 2022
Monday10 JanuaryTerm begins
Half Term11 February  –  21 February
Friday 25 MarchTerm ends
Summer Term 2022
Wednesday 20 AprilTerm begins
Half Term27 May  –  6 June
Thursday7 JulyTerm ends